Food parcels for the Gatehouse

Food for Charities has just handed out 58 food parcels to guests of the Gatehouse.  The Gatehouse is a soup kitchen that normally serves 60-70 guests per day, but it will be shut for the next fortnight, hence the need for the food parcels.  Each parcel contained three tins of baked beans, one tin of spaghetti and one of soup, 10 tea bags, two sweets, a fork or spoon, and information about other places in Oxford that people can get food.


A few people said that the bags were too heavy to carry, and a few didn’t want them because they had no way of heating up the food (and like it hot).  But in most cases the bags were very gratefully received.


Weighing the food

Hubbub kindly gave us some handsome bathroom scales with which we have been weighing the food going into the fridge and the food that we are composting (the difference between the two is what is being taken from the fridge).

From Monday morning until this (Thursday) afternoon, 89kg has gone into the fridge and 4kg (two weeks’ worth) has gone for composting.  I had thought that 25-50kg of food was being cycled through the fridge each week, but it looks like it is 100+kg.  Very exciting.

Today the fridge is rammed full with beans, tomatoes, potatoes, kiwi fruit, apples etc. etc. from the Magdalen Street Tesco and St. Aldates Sainsbury’s.  No photo, but imagine food being shoved into the fridge like commuters onto the Tokyo subway…

Thank you Rowse/Valeo!

Rowse/Valeo have just kindly donated £100 to Food for Charities, for use for the community fridge.  Rowse is the purveyor of the excellent honey products that Food for Charities has been delivering, and Valeo makes those delicious chocolate sweets…

We are hoping to set up another community fridge, this one in Jericho at Aristotle House.  If that goes ahead, then the £100 will go most of the way towards buying the fridge.  If it doesn’t, then the £100 will pay for a year’s electricity for the Botley community fridge, plus non-perishables, once the ones that we currently have are used up.