Botley community fridge

Some of the volunteer fridge cleaning team

The Botley community fridge is a (small) fridge and associated shelving into which anyone can put food, and from which anyone can take food.

Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, 81 West Way, Botley OX2 9LS

Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 11am-5pm
Priority for people in need Mon and Sat 9-10am

Individuals can put in fruit, vegetables, bread/pastry and non-perishables.  Registered food businesses can also put in cooked food.

No raw meat/fish, eggs, cooked rice, or food past its ‘use by’ date please!  Good quality food past its ‘best before’ date is fine.

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We could use help with

  • Cleaning it and monitoring the fridge temperature on a daily basis (once a week, should take less than 15 minutes)
  • Picking up food from local retailers
  • Supplying food (for instance from your fruit tree or allotment, or if you have extra food when you go on holiday)

To help, please email Riki at

Thank you to the Sprout for funding.  The Botley community fridge is managed by a group of volunteers as part of the emerging Association for Botley Communities.

Please see the ‘Botley community fridge’ blog on the right for the story of the fridge so far.